Monday, March 2, 2015

Policy for Carriage of Live Animals in SpiceJet

SpiceJet carries live animals on the Boeing B737-800 and 900 series aircraft, only in the hold. We do not carry live animals on the passenger cabin
Animals such as dogs, cats and other pets when properly crated and accompanied by valid health and vaccination certificates and other documents required for carriage by air will, with the advance agreement of carrier, be accepted for carriage, subject to Carrier’s regulations.
Domestic pets such as dogs and cats are permitted on SpiceJet flights as freight, in the pressurized and temperature controlled area of the aircraft hold, subject to the following conditions:
  • Properly carried in a container/kennel which should be made of non-chewable material with smooth edges and properly ventilated in the prescribed size.
  • Pet accepted at owner's risk and SpiceJet will not be responsible in the event of such pets being refused entry into or passage through any territory.
  • The owner will be responsible for compliance with all governmental customs and health requirements, including quarantine arrangements.
  • The owner will assume all the risks of injury, sickness or death of the pet accepted for carriage.
  • A declaration indemnifying SpiceJet will be obtained from the passenger
  • The owner must ensure their pets meet the quarantine requirements. Pets may be subjected to quarantine at destination at the owner’s expense. The quarantine period may vary and would be at the discretion of the vet authorities at destination.
Below are few points to be followed with respect to Carriage of animals:
  • Only on domestic flights: Domesticated dogs, cats and rabbits
  • Note: SpiceJet policy prohibits certain aggressive breeds of dogs, hybrid dogs / cats, short-muzzled dogs, for transport by air.
  • Females with suckling young and un-weaned animals are not accepted.
  • Weaned puppies / kittens under 12 weeks not accepted
  • Accepted on flights operated by Boeing aircraft only.
  • Must be carried in the cargo hold, cannot be carried in the cabin. (Note: Service animals accompanying a disabled passenger in the passenger cabin do not fall under this category)
  • One passenger can carry a maximum of 3 containers / Kennels
  • No Airline / SpiceJet liability in case of injury / death
Breeds of dogs and cats forbidden for carriage:
I. SpiceJet will not accept the following breeds of dogs and cats, including short-muzzled dog breeds, as these animals are known to be susceptible to increased risk of heat stroke (when exposed to stress or changes in temperature), breathing difficulties or increased travel stress:*
All short-muzzled dog breeds and their cross-breeds, including:
  • All Boxers, Bulldogs, Mastiffs & Spaniels
  • Akita
  • Brussels Griffin (Petite Brabancon)
  • Chow Chow
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brazillero & their crosses
  • Japanese Chin (Chin, Japanese Spaniel, Japanese Pug) and all other breeds of Pug
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Pekinese
  • Pit Bull
  • Rottweiler
  • Shar Pei
  • Shih Tzu
  • Tosa
The following cat breeds and their cross-breeds:
  • Burmese
  • Exotic
  • Himalayan
  • Persian
II. Dogs / Cats must be a minimum of 12 weeks old for carriage on all domestic flights.

III. Animal/s should not be pregnant.
IV. Animals may only travel if accompanied by a passenger /owner.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Jet Airways introduces Full Service Première cabin on JetKonnect Boeing 737-700/800 flights

Jet Airways, India's premier international airline, has introduced its acclaimed full-service Premiere product on all JetKonnect Next-Generation Boeing 737-700/800 flights across India. These JetKonnect flights will now come equipped with a premium, front end Premiere cabin allowing guests to experience Jet Airways' acclaimed Premiere service across its full service and low fare brands respectively. The Premiere cabin serves comes with plush, extra-wide seats with a 44 inch seat pitch, delectable multi-course menu options to choose from, extra legroom, dedicated check-in counters and 30 kgs baggage allowance. Thus, offering guests a comfortable and relaxing flying experience. 

According to Mr. Sudheer Raghavan, Chief Commercial Officer, Jet Airways, “The Jet Airways Group has always been proactive in responding to guest requirements and has demonstrated a customer-centric approach in devising products and services accordingly. Based on the feedback received from many of our frequent fliers, we have ensured that Boeing 737-700/800 aircraft on our domestic network, be it under Jet Airways or the JetKonnect brand, are configured with Jet Airways' acclaimed Premiere Cabin, one of the best business class products in the world, with no differentiation in the product or service offerings. We are confident that the full-service Premiere configuration introduced on all our JetKonnect Boeing 737-700/800 aircraft, will prove extremely popular with our guests.”

The JetKonnect Premiere cabin service offering is available for sale and travel with immediate effect. These flights are also available as code share flights, using the 9W code.

For more information, guests may also log on to the airline online destination at 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Jet Airways Inducts new boeing 737-800 with Sky Interior

Jet Airways, India’s premier international airline, today announced the arrival of its first next generation Boeing 737-800 with Sky Interior. The induction of the new state-of-the-art Boeing 737-800 into Jet Airways’ young fleet is in keeping with the airline's commitment to continually innovate and differentiate its product for a heightened in-flight experience. The all new Boeing 737-800 is replete with the very latest Boeing 787 inspired shape, color, décor and texture, all of which make for a truly unmatched flying experience. The minute the guest steps onboard the aircraft, he/she is greeted by the all new Sky Interior, complete with new cove lighting and a curved cabin architecture that provides a feeling of openness and space. The bright new color and décor of the aircraft with modern, sculpted sidewalls and larger windows, combined with the effect of the light-emitting diode (LED) lighting significantly enhances the sense of spaciousness in the cabin. That aside, the dynamic and brighter LED lighting can portray different color schemes like a soft blue sky and a relaxing pallet of sunset colors, while providing for maximum efficiency and lower maintenance costs. Another feature that will most definitely be appreciated by guests are the new pivot bins, which afford greater overhead bin capacity for storage.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jet Airways Première One Fare Pass for international travel

Jet Airways, India’s premier international airline, today announced the extension of its highly popular domestic ONE FARE pass for international travel for its Premiere guests, at no extra cost. This offer now becomes available on Jet Airways’ network covering the Gulf, ASEAN, and SAARC regions*. Première ONE FARE pass holders now have greater flexibility to travel not only domestic India sectors but also select International sectors without any additional cost whatsoever within the validity of the pass. The ONE FARE pass is valid for six months and an extension is available at extra cost. Each Première Class ONE FARE pass booklet contains four coupons with a total value of INR 81,088 all inclusive with all taxes. ONE FARE pass booklets can be purchased by individuals and organizations alike. Sudheer Raghavan, Chief Commercial Officer, Jet Airways, said: “At Jet Airways, it has been our constant endeavour to create customer centric benchmarks through innovation. The flexibility of international travel on our Premiere Class One Fare pass coupons is another example of the same. Guests will now be able to travel seamlessly on the One Fare pass to the SAARC, ASEAN and Gulf sectors, giving them a break from their regular routine of work related travel. In addition to which the coupons are also fully transferable to friends and family, which will allow them the additional freedom to manage their individual travel needs. We look forward to welcoming our One Fare coupon guests onboard on our domestic and international network.” ONE FARE Pass coupon holders can now avail of destinations in the Far East like Bangkok, with eight flight connections from Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata or to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore from Chennai. On the Middle Eastern sectors, guests can avail of 22 flights options from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah, Bahrain, Dammam, Kuwait, Muscat and Doha. Similarly, guests from New Delhi have six flight options to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha, while from Kochi guests will able to connect through to Muscat, Sharjah and Doha too. Thiruvananathapuram too will afford ONE FARE pass holders access to destinations like Muscat and Dammam, while Dubai will also be accessible on the ONE FARE pass to guests in Hyderabad and Chennai now. Guests from Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata can avail of any of the six flights available to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Similarly, guests travelling to Kathmandu can also avail of the eight connections to and from Mumbai and New Delhi. Now, Travel to Colombo will also be easier with eight flights available from Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai. *This offer is not valid on flights between Delhi/Mumbai and Singapore as also on flights from/to Delhi/Mumbai and Hong Kong. The code share flights (flights not operated by Jet Airways) and the airline's flights between India and Europe/South Africa/North America are also exempted from this offer.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

IndiGo to connect Delhi and Mumbai with Dubai, Bangkok and Singapore

India’s youngest and fastest growing airline, IndiGo, is set to soar into international skies after the successful completion of five years of domestic operations. IndiGo will operate its maiden international flight on 1st September, 2011 connecting New Delhi with Dubai. During the month of September, the airline will commence daily service on the Delhi-Bangkok-Delhi and Delhi-Singapore-Delhi routes. It will subsequently connect Mumbai with Dubai and Bangkok with daily flights effective 02nd October 2011.

With the launch of its first ever scheduled flights to foreign destinations, the airline aims to amplify and replicate its India success story, redefining its unique flying experience and brand value in the aviation industry. Promising unmatchable customer experience through affordable fares, the airline will offer a promotional return fare of INR 9999 (all inclusive) on all its international routes.