Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Visit India Fares of jet airways

Welcome to India. A country where history, culture, colour, cuisine and nature exhibit more diversity than nearly anywhere else in the world. A country of amazing paradoxes, where bullock carts and jets co-exist in perfect harmony. A perfect fusion of the modern and the archaic.

India is all this and more. She is the personification of all that is enchanting and beautiful. A mesmerising mix of natural beauty, creativity, spirituality, boisterousness, warmth and colour. She is what you make of her.

See India with a range of supersaver plans from Jet Airways, India's best domestic airline and the international travellers' most preferred airline in India. Jet Airways brings you Three Fare Plan periods. Each of these plans are tailored to suit your specific needs and offers excellent value for money.

Book your Visit India Pass now by visitng your nearest Jet Airways office, or call your travel agent.

Number of days     Première         Economy Class
7 days     USD 535 USD 360
15 days    USD 1,070 USD 715
21 days     USD 1,425 USD 950                Terms and Conditions   

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  1. the economy class of jet airways is cool to fly in international... the flight service is also nice, I rate 5 star to jet airways.