Sunday, March 13, 2011

Air india Check In options

AIR INDIA (IC) offers various options of check-in besides the counter check-in at the airport. You may now avoid airport queues with our real time check-in options. Select preferred seat & print your Boarding Card with our Web and Kiosk check-in options. Or you may check-in at our select cities in the booking office or on telephone.

The various check-in options are:
Tele Check-In
If you have a confirmed seat and plan to travel with hand baggage only on a domestic flight, you can Tele check-in for the flights operating on the same day or next day and report at the Tele check-in counter at least thirty minutes prior to the flight departure. (Only for Executive Class & FFP Members).

This facility is available in the six metros - Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore & Hyderabad. Passengers can contact either our designated tele check-in numbers or call centre number. We are available on 24x7 basis across India on both Toll Free and paid numbers. Users of service providers such as MTNL/BSNL and Reliance could us on Toll Free number 1800-180-1407. You may also contact us on short code number 1407 while in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Should you be in any othe city, you may contact us on 1407 by pre-fixing the STD code of any these cities.

I-Check-In (Web Check-In)
AIR INDIA (IC) has introduced I-check-in facility (web based check-in facility) whereby a passenger holding E-ticket, Net ticket, Dial-a-ticket or bid-n-fly ticket can check-in on AIR INDIA (IC) website and make selection of his seat on line and print boarding pass in the convenience of his office, residence etc. This facilitates you to report directly for the security check without reporting at check-in counters unless you have baggage to deposit with the airline, for which you are requested to report one hour prior to departure to deposit the baggage. This facility is available for purely domestic flights only for both Economy & Executive Class passengers. Return & onward check-in is also permitted for same & next day departure.

Self Check-In Kiosks

Self Service check-in Kiosks have been installed at select locations / airports to enable you to check-in yourself & obtain boarding pass from the Kiosk machine without interface with check-in staff. This facility is available for purely domestic flights. This facility is available up to thirty minutes before departure time. Through this facility you can select seat of your choice too.

City Check-In

Now you can check-in at the AIR INDIA (IC) city booking office for not just the same day flights but also for the next day.
Only passengers holding confirmed reservations on the flight ex. that station qualify for the same. This facility is available for passengers traveling with only hand baggage. City check-in is permitted up to two hrs. before the scheduled departure time & you should report at the airport at least thirty minutes prior to departure.
This facility is available in the six metros - Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad & Bangalore for domestic flights only.

Return Check-In
Now you can return check-in if your flight is on the same day or the next. Collect your return boarding card from the originating station and report to the airport just 30 minutes before departure if you're travelling with hand baggage only. This facility is available for domestic flights only.

Through Check-In
You may through check-in from AIR INDIA (IC) to AIR INDIA (IC) domestic & international flights. Similarly this facility is available to you if you are travelling on AIR INDIA (IC) domestic and connecting on to AIR INDIA (AI) (or select other airlines) international flight. In other words you can through check-in along with your baggage up to New York, if you are travelling Kolkata / Delhi / New York. This facility is available on the reverse direction too. Special transfer desks have been established in the arrival halls of major metro airports, where you would be facilitated and assistance provided to connect you on to your next flight. Please ask our check-in counter staff for through check-in.

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