Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Air India's First Class-The new definition of luxury

One step. Just one step on board Air India’s First Class will exemplify the true meaning of luxury. As your feet sink softly into the plush carpet, your discerning eye will take in the little extras that place our First Class on a plane far above the ordinary.

When you snuggle into your newly installed, highly comfortable, 180-degree recline, sleeperette, we will ensure that you disembark at your destination just as fresh. The two-abreast seating ensures you are always in an aisle seat or a window seat. Never in between. The ethnic interiors, you will observe, are designed to be particularly pleasing to the eye. The Air show constantly screens your flight pattern, aircraft altitude and speed. And much more.

The gracious service, on the other hand, will be, like it always is, a perfect model of efficiency and discretion, Charming, yet never intrusive.

The warm smiles, of course, are on the house.

The fine art of exclusivity

As you sit back and relax aboard Air India’s First Class, you could well be forgiven for thinking you are the only passenger on board. The First Class cabin seats just 12 passenger.

Bon Appetit!

But there is a lot more to Air India’s First Class experience before we say adieu. After a couple of stimulating cocktails, the faint clink of Royal Doulton, the world’s finest bone china, will waft down the aisle. A rare sound heard on just a few select airlines of the world. Aboard our First Class, this is followed by a fine selection of the most delectable dishes.

Take your pick from a choice of three menus that leave no taste unexplored. From succulent Grilled Lamb Chops and Parmesan Cheese Omelets to delicious Chicken Malai Kabab and the regal Shahi Korma. With a vintage wine or a smooth Champagne in accompaniment. Before you tuck in, may we make a suggestion? Indulge.

And as you unwind with a touch of Crème de Menthe or a Tia Maria you can also do all your duty-free shopping on board. Our Sky Bazaar range boasts of well-known brands and more. So step aboard, and experience the true meaning of Bon Voyage.


Facts & Figures

Type of A/C  747-400  777-200LR
Number of Seats 12 8
Configuration 2 X 2 1 X 2 X 1
Seat Pitch (inches)  82"  80"
Seat Width between Armrest (inches)   21"/19.5"  23"
Seat Recline (inches)     18.5"  
Upright Position (degree) 74º  
Seat Total Recline (degree) 175º 180º

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