Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chhatrapati shivaji international airport Lost & Found

In case you happen to misplace your baggage or your belongings in any of the terminals at CSIA, please do not worry. All agencies at the airport are expected to deposit any unclaimed goods with the Lost & Found Department through the Terminal Duty Manager. The goods are deposited after duly recording the contents, description, date of deposition and the depositor’s signature.

All lost & found articles are returned to passengers after verifying the product description and bona fides (including, but not restricted to Original Passport, Flight Ticket, Boarding Pass, Driving License, PAN Card, etc)

Valuables like Laptops, Cell Phones, Gold, Cash, Credit Cards, Passports and Travel Documents will be deposited in the safety locker and locker charges and handling charges would apply.

Unclaimed items will be disposed off after 30 days from the date the item was found. Passports will be couriered to respective Consulates (in case of foreign passport)/issuing Regional Passport Office (in case of Indian passport) through Registered Post. Indian Credit Cards will be sent to issuing banks through Registered Post. Foreign Credit Cards will be destroyed for administrative reasons.

Eatables and other perishable items including liquor will be disposed off within 48 hours or within the expiry time (whichever is earlier). Special storage charges and handling charges would apply for the same.

Unclaimed items like clothes and other non-perishable items will be disposed off after 30 days from the date the item was found.

Baggage handling and delivery at CSIA is the responsibility of the airlines from the point of check-in to the point of collection. If anything is left on an aircraft or an airline bus, respective airline should be contacted immediately.

Storage & handling charges will be levied for all Lost & Found items.

This facility is managed by Trident Flight Handlers.

The operating window to claim your items left behind at the terminal is between 10:00am to
10:00pm - Monday to Sunday.

Alternatively you can email at by intimating the department 12 hrs in advance so that the lost items can be kept at the counter if your visit is not within the operating window.

Lost & Found Counter Locations:

Domestic Terminal 1A
Left Luggage Kiosk
Arrival Hall
Mumbai International Airport
Santa Cruz, Mumbai
Domestic Terminal 1B
Left Luggage Kiosk
Arrival Hall Exit Ramp
Mumbai International Airport
Santa Cruz, Mumbai

International Terminal
Left Luggage Kiosk
International Arrival Passenger Concourse
Near Integrated Exit of Terminal 2B & 2C
Mumbai International Airport
Sahar, Mumbai

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  1. For items left in areas of the airport other than the security checkpoints, please check the airport's website for airport Lost & Found contact information.