Sunday, September 5, 2010

GoAir records 84 per cent load factor for June 2010

GoAir India’s smartest airline, today announced that it has registered an 84 per cent load factor for the month of June 2010. During the last quarter (April 2010 – June 2010), GoAir has consistently registered average passenger loads in excess of 83 per cent.

During the past year GoAir has been on a continuous growth phase. For the period of April 2009 -March 2010, GoAir flew 2.41 million passengers as against 0.95 million passengers during the same period in 2008-2009 thus achieving a 153 per cent growth rate in passenger traffic. Similarly for the Quarter ended 30th June, 2010 GoAir flew 787000+ passengers which was almost 52% higher than in the similar period last year.

The Least cancellation: GoAir also recorded a 0.57 per cent average in cancellations that was substantially lower then the industry average of 2.37 per cent during June 2009 and May 2010. Thus for a customer of Go Air- the assurance of surety to fly and on time is all the more than any other airline.

GoAir, which had 2.8% market share in the beginning of the year 2009-10 now currently enjoys a market share of 5.9 per cent and connects 15 destinations in India.

Go air has unique model where it serves almost double the stations as compared to its fleet strength which is unlike its peers who have number of destinations being served less than its fleet strength.

Commenting on this success, Mr. Kaushik Khona, Chief Executive officer, GoAir said, “For consumers all over the country, GoAir is a trusted brand and they have appreciated the fact that we have always stood for quality, consistency, reliability and on-time performance while offering the best service. The increase in our load factors is strongly supported by online bookings and a robust distribution network.”

He further added, “In today’s rapidly changing environment it is essential to engage with the consumer and anticipate his ever evolving needs. We at GoAir believe in constantly innovating our services and over the last few years we have successfully developed a loyal consumer base. At GoAir we always go the extra mile to serve the passenger- and this has always been appreciated by the customers as reflected in the growth of numbers.”

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