Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kingfisher Travel Assistance

We urge our Kingfisher International guests to make sure that all documentation required for your journey is ready well in advance. In addition to visas/ passports/ ID proof some countries require additional documents such as health certificates. Visa processes too differ from country to country and you should check these beforehand.

You can contact our customer service to get full details of required documentation for the country you are traveling to.


Before beginning your journey, you must ensure that you are in sound health to travel by flight over the requisite number of hours. In case you are carrying any specific medication, it must be accompanied by a prescription from your doctor. It is advisable to carry your medicines in hand baggage so that they are available anytime. Plan to get a good night sleep prior to your flight as this has been shown to help to reduce stress and problems with jet lag.

If you have any special health needs or requirements be sure to inform our representatives beforehand so that they can guide you and provide you with necessary help to make your journey a pleasant one.

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