Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to book a flight on IndiGo

IndiGo delivers a hassle-free experience when booking flights, with new and revolutionary ways to book that suit your lifestyle and your needs.
IndiGo bookings and payments can be made:

* On the IndiGo Website:
* Using a GPRS-capable phone or PDA:
* By contacting the 24/7 IndiGo Call Centre: (0) 99 10 38 38 38 or Toll free 1 800 180 38 38.
* At any IndiGo Airport Counter
* At participating Travel Agencies

IndiGo offers a hold and pay facility for Customers who do not have credit cards. Customers can contact IndiGo Call Centre, or use our GRPS mobile device booking site,, to make a booking and hold it for 24 hours. During the hold period, Customers need to confirm the booking by paying in cash at one of our “hold and pay” agents, which includes IndiGo Airport counters and authorized travel agents who act as fulfillment centers (IndiGo Fulfillment Centers) for IndiGo. Please note that passengers can hold an IndiGo booking for a period of 24 hours from the time they make the booking and ‘hold and pay’ facility is not available for travel that commences within the next 48 hours of making the booking. In consideration of providing the ‘hold and pay’ facility, the IndiGo Fulfillment Centres will collect a charge at the rate of 6% on the base fare and applicable Surcharges as transaction fee. For bookings made using the GPRS mobile device, the payment has to be made at the IndiGo Airport Counters only.

What are the fare rules?

All our bookings have the same rules and conditions for ease of understanding. However, in certain select cases (for example, certain corporate houses etc.), IndiGo offers special fares and certain special privileges on those fares, at the time of making the booking (“Special Fares”). These Special Fares have terms and conditions attached to them. In the event that the booking is made on the Special Fares, except to the extent specified otherwise in the terms and conditions governing the Special Fares, the conditions of carriage of IndiGo shall apply in its entirety In the event of a conflict between a provision contained herein and in the terms and conditions attached to the Special Fares, the provision as contained in the latter shall prevail and take precedence.

Our fares are refundable, subject to the change or cancellation rules.

To secure the best price, it is recommended that you book well in advance of travel dates.

IndiGo offers all its fares on a one-way basis. All IndiGo fares are quoted in Indian Rupees (Rs or INR). IndiGo fares apply only for carriage from the airport at the point of origin to the airport at the point of destination. Fares do not include ground transport service between airports and between airports and town terminals.

Fares and schedules are subject to change without notice. IndiGo's schedule is also subject to regulatory authority approvals. Once purchased, your fare will not change; provided, however, that if you request a subsequent change in the booking or routing, revised fares may be applicable.

Customers traveling with IndiGo are required to agree to terms and conditions that are available on or on request at our Airport Counters.

How do I pay for my booking?

IndiGo Call Centre (0) 99 10 38 38 38 or Toll free 1 800 180 38 38, our GPRS-capable mobile booking site, , and our website,, accept MasterCard, American Express and VISA. Cash and credit cards are accepted at Airports, participating Travel Agents and IndiGo Shops. IndiGo does not accept personal cheques.

Is it necessary to provide my mobile phone number while booking a flight on IndiGo?

IndiGo's preferred method of contact is via mobile phone and it is mandatory to provide your mobile number at the time of booking.   Customers can provide a residence or business phone number and valid e-mail ID as additional contact information. Providing IndiGo with your best contact number(s) will help us make contacting you easier. 

Will I receive a paper ticket? 

While you will be able to print your itinerary and confirmation number, it is important to note that IndiGo is a ticket-less airline.  The itinerary you print is not a ticket, and it does not constitute a contract of carriage. The booking in IndiGo's database is the primary record of carriage, and your confirmation number is your proof of payment. In the event of any differences between the itinerary and the booking in IndiGo's database, the database booking will be the reference point and shall prevail.  

Is an IndiGo booking transferable?
IndiGo bookings are not transferable. If someone other than the customer attempts to travel or to obtain a refund in connection with the booking, IndiGo shall not be liable to the customer so entitled if in good faith it provides carriage or makes a refund to the person presenting the itinerary.

Does IndiGo offer wait-listed or standby seats?
No, IndiGo does not offer wait-listed or standby seats. IndiGo's commitment to serve you with an efficient and precise service results in providing you with a confirmed seat on all IndiGo flights.

Does IndiGo offer special fares?
IndiGo offers everyday low fares and therefore does not offer special fares for families, children, senior citizens, foreign nationals or students. However, IndiGo offers discounts to serving and retired Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces personnel and their families, subject to specific terms and conditions.


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