Monday, February 28, 2011

Goair Baggage Delivery

At GoAir we make the best Endeavour to make sure that your baggage reaches the destination safely.

Your property is important to us and we will assist you, should you ever get separated from your baggage. We have a sophisticated system in place, designed to reunite passengers with their baggage as quickly as possible.

If you cannot find your baggage at the terminal, the first step is to approach the baggage Services desk or GoAir representative available in the arrival hall, near the Baggage claim area. Customers will be required to fill out a Property Irregularity Report giving related details of the baggage. This report will contain a unique reference number, which enables Go Air to trace your baggage as quickly and efficiently as possible. The more information you can give us about your baggage ? color, make, identifying marks, etc. ? the better. If you have left the airport without filling out a report, please contact your local GoAir Airport office as soon as possible.

When your baggage has been received (Allow us 5 days from the date of travel to locate misrouted baggage), we will advise you immediately.

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