Monday, February 28, 2011

Kingfishers airlines Special Meals

Kingfisher Airlines has created exclusive Gourmet meals for our Guests with special dietary needs by choice, due medical or religious reasons. These special menus have been prepared by trained chefs, with dieticians overseeing the overall nutritional value of the meal. All special meals would be vegetarian preparations unless requested as a non vegetarian or the special meal is required to be a vegetarian preparation due to its medical/dietary requirement. To avail of the same, please place your order at least 24 hours before the flight departure through our reservations office or your travel agent. You can additionally register your request on  website while purchasing your tickets.

Kingfisher Airlines does not guarantee food free of peanuts or seafood products, or that allergens won't be present in the food or snacks served on board. While some of our menus contain almonds, green peas’ etc. additionally, other guests may bring peanuts on board and therefore we cannot guarantee that our guests will not be exposed to peanuts during their flight. Kingfisher Airlines strongly encourages guests to take all necessary medical precautions to prepare for the possibility of exposure.

How to request for a Special Meal
      Confirm a reservation on a flight with a scheduled meal service.
      To reserve your special meal call:
      •     1800 209 3030 (India Toll Free)
      •     020 2729 3030 (Landline India)
      •     0800 0470 810 (UK Toll Free)
      •     1 866 435 9532 (US Toll Free)
      •     Your local Kingfisher Airlines Office

f you have booked through an authorized agency, please contact your agency directly for Special Meal requests. You may also make a Special Meal request when you purchase your tickets online through our website.

If you’re travelling on a standby or waitlist basis you will not be able to request a special meal. If you change your flight (number or date of travel) you need to request for your Special Meal again. A minimum notice of 24 hours prior scheduled flight departure is required for all Special Meal requests.

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