Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jet Airways flights to Bhubaneshwar and Raipur

Jet Airways, India’s premier international airline, will enhance network connectivity to/from the cities of Bhubaneshwar and Raipur with the introduction of a daily Boeing 737 service on the Bengaluru-Bhubaneshwar-Raipur sectors, effective March 1, 2011.

Bhubaneshwar, the 'city of temples' and the capital of Orissa, will now be linked with Delhi and Hyderabad through a direct daily morning return service with effect from March 27, 2011.

Jet Airways will also introduce daily direct services to Delhi from Raipur also effective March 1, 2011, complementing the daily JetLite service currently operating on this sector.

Sudheer Raghavan, CCO, Jet Airways said, “Jet Airways is happy to introduce new services on the Bhubaneshwar and Raipur routes and we are confident that these additional services will prove immensely popular with our guests. Bhubaneshwar – the City of Temples is fast evolving into a modern day metropolis with strong industrial and IT related development, apart from its attraction as an important tourism destination. We are keen to afford our guests convenient connections from cities like Bhubaneshwar and Raipur into the Jet Airways network which now connects over 47 domestic and 24 international destinations across the globe.”

The new flights connect Bhubaneshwar with Bengaluru will depart the garden city at 0925 hrs, arriving in Bhubaneswar at 1125 hrs and will depart Bhubaneshwar at 1200 hrs, arriving in Raipur at 1300 hrs. On the return journey, the new flight will depart Raipur at 1330 hrs, arriving in Bhubaneshwar at 1430 hrs and departing for Bengaluru at 1500 hrs.

The new connection on the Delhi-Bhubaneswar sector will depart Delhi at 0630 hrs reaching Bhubaneswar at 0830 hrs. On the return leg, the aircraft will depart Bhubaneswar at 0905 hrs and reach Delhi at 1105 hrs.

Similarly, the other new flight will depart Hyderabad at 0700 hrs and reach Bhubaneswar at 0830 hrs and on the return flight, will depart Bhubaneswar at 0905 hrs and arrive at Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at 1035 hrs.

Jet Airways is also introducing a daily new evening service, which will operate on the Delhi-Raipur sector, with the flight departing Delhi at 1725 hrs and arriving in Raipur at 1925 hrs. On its return leg, the flight will depart Raipur at 1940 hrs, arrive in Delhi at 2120 hrs.

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