Monday, February 28, 2011

Kingfisher JAA Pilot Ground Training exams to India

 Kingfisher Airlines, India’s only Five Star airline by Skytrax, announced it has acquired the capability to offer Joint Aviation Authorities Airline Transport Pilot License (JAA ATPL) Pilot Ground Training course.

The course, the first of its kind in India outside Europe and the USA, has been made possible by virtue of a technical arrangement with Aviation Pacific Europe. The JAA ATP ground theory courses, comprises 14 aeronautical subjects covering  650 hours of study time, conducted in a classroom or through a distance learning program. Considered an academic challenge for its extensive and in-depth characteristics, this is a great opportunity for the Indian pilots to enhance their knowledge and qualify for another license. These exams are valid for 7 years, by which time a pilot must acquire the flying requirements to qualify for a JAA ATPL.
For Indian personnel this would mean completing the course at a reduced cost. The JAA ATPL has become a de-facto standard recruitment for employment opportunities in airlines in Europe and even some Middle East countries. Some of the present countries which are on the ICAO curriculum are moving towards the JAA standards.

Considering that there are over 3000 CPL holders in India awaiting job opportunities, this program is the ideal requirement for them to enhance their knowledge and broaden their job prospects.
Kingfisher Training College and Aviation Pacific Europe are now offering the training program in Mumbai. The features of this course include:
•     The course examinations will be conducted by the British Council in Mumbai and Delhi, on behalf of the UK Civil Aviation Authorities.
•     Examinations in Mumbai will be for the JAA ATP Flight Crew Licenses (FCL -1), that is, for airplanes.
•     Kingfisher Airlines will conduct this training in its industry-acclaimed training facilities designed by Airbus Industries.
•     JAA certified/approved instructors will conduct this programme.

About Kingfisher Training College:
The state of the art Kingfisher Training College has expanded its horizons and conducts specialized training for corporate aviation, a bridge course for CPL/ATPL holders and also the introduction to aviation for aspiring pilots. For details log on to careers on

About JAA:
The Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) is an associated body of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) representing the civil aviation regulatory authorities of a number of European States, who have agreed to co-operate in developing and implementing common safety regulatory standards and procedures. The JAA Airline Transport Pilot License Ground theory Course, popularly referred within the industry as the ‘Frozen ATPL’, is the academic requirements for obtaining a JAA ATP license.

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