Sunday, February 27, 2011

Goair reservation process

Grab the best travel deals on India?s most reliable airline GoAir! Our Dynamic internet based reservation system is fine tuned to offer the best available fares at any given point and time on all booking mediums. GoAir tickets can be purchased from -
  • The GoAir website :
  • Contact Centre: 1800 222 111/09223 222 111
  • Your Travel Agent
You can make reservations through our retail distribution network spread across select cities in India. Retail agents may charge a service fee (6% of Basic Fare + Surcharges) for their services.

We follow a dynamic fare policy and the fare levels fluctuate depending on the number of bookings made / anticipated on a particular flight.

It is our commitment to our customers that at any given point of time the lowest available fare at that time would be made available on all booking mediums. In case a lower fare level is available after a Customer has made his booking, a rebooking will be allowed on the lower fare level after paying a seat release charge.

Customers should note that certain fares are offered subject to certain conditions, which may limit, restrict or exclude the right of the Customer to change or cancel Bookings. Any fares with less than standard surcharges are promotional fares. Promotional fares are non cancelable.

Given below section details the applicable booking charges for each category of fares

Go smart
Go Flexi
Go Business
Adult Base Fare+ Applicable taxes & Surcharge Base Fare+ Applicable taxes & Surcharge Base Fare+ Applicable taxes & Surcharge
Infant Rs.525/- + applicable PSF & applicable service tax Rs.525/- + applicable PSF & applicable service tax Rs.2525/- + applicable PSF & applicable Service Tax
Travel Agent Transaction surcharge 6% of (base fare + Fuel surcharge) 6% of (base fare + Fuel surcharge) 6% of (base fare + Fuel surcharge)

Goair operate with the objective that no Customer with a confirmed reservation should be denied boarding. Keeping this objective in mind we only commit to as many Customer reservations as the number of seats on each flight

Payment Options:

  Fares are quoted in Indian Rupees and our International Customers can book and make payments through their credit card.

They accept all major Credit Cards at our reservation touch points and Contact Center. Select Debit cards are accepted only at the Reservation counter and the GoAir website. Personal cheques are not accepted as a mode of payment.

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