Monday, February 28, 2011

Kingfishers airlines KingMobile

KingMobile on ngpay, mobile ticketing solution is now available for both, our Guest users as well as King Club members.
KingMobile on ngpay, is Kingfisher Airlines’ latest offering to you that will provide a convenient option to book tickets sitting at the comfort of your homes, office or even while you are on the move. This service is currently available on GSM/CDMA phones with GPRS connectivity. This service is available on all low end as well as high end phones.
KingMobile on ngpay allows you to book, pay and generate an eTicket on your mobile phone. As a King Club member, you have the advantage of earning 500 bonus King Miles each time you book your ticket on KingMobile.
Additionally King Club members can now access their complete King Club account and check Miles, Details of flight taken etc
With KingMobile, all Kingfisher guests could also book their favorite Kingfisher Holidays.
To avail KingMobile on ngpay:
  1. Guest could send an SMS KingMobile to 56388
  2. On sending the SMS you will receive an SMS with a link.
  3. You would be required to download the link and activate a specifically built application “ngpay” on which KingMobile  ticketing application is built on.
  4. You are required to register(Name, address, email id) for this service which is a one time activity.
  5. You can use this application to book flight tickets, check miles & book Holidays.
  6. The generated eTicket will be automatically emailed to your preferred email address. This eTicket can be printed and used to gain entry inside the airport.
  7. You will also receive the eTicket details on your mobile phone as an SMS.
So download KingMobile and experience the World-class Kingfisher experience.

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